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Invasive Pest Control Protection

Get Rid Of The Pests That Bug You!

Mosquito Squad specializes in the reduction and control of mosquito and ticks, but we can also help with controlling other invasive pests. Spiders, fleas, gnats, stink bugs, box elders, Asian beetles and other pests don’t stand a chance when you’ve got The Squad.

We target the areas where the treatments can be the most effective and eliminate targeted pests on contact. This coverage continues so if pests aren’t there during the treatment, our treatments are still effective for up to three weeks. When they return, they will be eliminated!

Box Elders




Stink Bugs

Asian Beetles

A customized program will target the pest populations around the property. You’re just a few steps from enjoying freedom from pests! Click here for your free quote and get a plan for your property!

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