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America’s Most Trusted Mosquito And Tick Control Company.

Mosquito Squad specializes in the reduction and control of pests for residential and commercial locations.

Our treatments eliminate targeted pests on contact and keeps doing so for up to three weeks! Our custom blend of products not only provides your family, pets, and guests with a comfortable environment to play in – it helps to protect them from painful bites and risks of possible diseases

Let Mosquito Squad help you Fight the Bite from these and other pests:






Stink Bugs

Box Elders

Mosquito Squad treatments are available in our Traditional or All Natural solutions. We will customize a pest control treatment program to reduce and eliminate the pest around the property.

Our treatments will work for your neighbors too! The more involved a neighborhood is with treatments, the further we can knock back the stinging pests and prevent them from ruining one more summer night. You can refer a friend and help them too.

We are in this business to provide our customers with the best protection possible. Your satisfaction is our most important goal. To that end we offer a guarantee on our services!

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