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Mosquito Control Solutions in Milwaukee, Waukesha and the Surrounding Areas

Getting rid of mosquitoes may seem impossible if you’re burning citronella candles or covering yourself in bug spray. Burning coils or applying store bought products can only do so much to protect your family and then OUCH! A painful bite and a big red bump.

Effective mosquito control is a reality with the protective treatments offered by Mosquito Squad. Our fogging treatments eliminate up to 90% of mosquitoes and continues to protect your property for 21 days.

Looking to do more? did you know that mosquitoes breed in standing water and don’t venture very far from their breeding grounds? Here are some additional tips you can use to reduce the amount of standing water (and mosquitoes as a result) in your yard:

Tip – tip any vessel that holds unintended standing water around your property.

Toss – toss any items in your yard that could collect water that can be discarded. An item as small as a soda can become a breeding ground for THOUSANDS of mosquito larvae.

Turn Over – turn over any potential water- holding items or containers so that liquid can’t collect in them, until the time that may once again be needed. (bowls, planters, birdbaths)

Tarps – tarps can create ideal mosquitoes breeding grounds. If possible eliminate all outside tarps. They hold small pools of water for egg laying and also provide shade that is a preferred spot for adults to harbor during the head of the day. If you need to use tarps in the yard, make sure to pull them taut so water doesn’t poo

Treat – this is where Mosquito Squad comes in. Our applicators follow these 5T’s while treating your property with our mosquito control treatments.

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