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DIY Mosquito Control Tips

Fight off mosquitoes and ticks at home with these DIY strategies to make your yard less conducive to mosquitoes, ticks and other nuisance bugs.

5T’s of Mosquito Control

1 Tip – Reduce standing water to eliminate mosquitoes threats, including those in children’s sandboxes, wagons, or plastic toys; underneath and around downspouts, in plant saucers and dog bowls. Other hotspots include tarps, gutters and flat roofs.

2 Toss – Remove excess grass, leaves, firewood and clippings from you yard.

3 Turn – Turn over larger yard items that could hold water like children’s portable sandboxes or plastic toys. The goal is to eliminate the possibility of water collecting in these and other items.

4 Remove Tarps – Tarps stretched over firewood piles, boats or sports equipment should be pulled taunt to eliminate the chance of holding water.

5 Treat – Have a barrier treatment applied to your property by the most trusted professional mosquito elimination company – Mosquito Squad. We have proven mosquito and tick control treatments that guarantees to rid your yard of those annoying pests!

6 C’s of Tick Control

1 Clear – Clear out debris which often accumulates in moist shady areas where ticks thrive. Also steer clear of tall grass and shrubby areas.

2 Clean – Eliminate leave litter, brush off sidewalks and mow down tall grass to cut down on the places ticks can harbor.

3 Choose – Select plants that aren’t attractive to deer. Deer are tick taxis’, so do your best to avoid plants that that may entice them into your yard.

4 Check – Look for hiding places frequently. Ticks like to hide along the base of fences and brick or stone walls.

5 Care – be mindful of pets if they’ve spent any time outdoors. Ticks can easily hide in your pets fur. If your animals spend time in areas where ticks may be present, make sure you apply a topical tick medication.

6 Call – Give the pro’s a call. Mosquito Squad’s barrier spray eliminates adult ticks, and our tick tubes do the same on nymph stage ticks.

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